The Plaza Theater has been around since 1967, but it’s never had any branding. WH has owned it for the past something-teen years, but it was run by a guy who started leasing the building years ago. When the lease ran out, WH took it over and now uses the business for a job skills program for at-risk youth, and it’s awesome.

If you’re not used to designing logos, it can be a bit of a pain. If you stink at it, you think it looks clever because you changed the second t in “Baptist” into a cross. But when it happens to click, then it can be really fun.

I’m not great at logos. But between my dear friend, Joanna Hallstrom and I, and with about 4 straight weeks of different directions and plenty of drafts, we finally landed on something that we both loved. It was simple, but old looking, thick lines and a good, make-me-want-to-see-a-movie vibe.