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A 4-Color Screen Printed Poster
Tell Em Where Ya From!

Clearly Fresno is a 4 color poster, accomplished using the time-honored process of screen printing. Each color is selected from the Pantone® swatch book and is laid down using the highest quality ink, one color at a time, on beefy 100# cougar white paper.

Home is where the heart is … and where the heat is. And what better way to remind you that Fresno is where it’s at than 106 degrees of stuff you can’t get anywhere else in the solar system, and printed on a giant 2 foot x 2.5 foot poster!

In Clearly Fresno, you’ll find everything you love about the place you kinda like sometimes, in the colors of that old retro CA vanity plate with the sunset on it.
From our biggest celebrities to our smallest hole-in-the-wall general stores. Landmarks from the days of yesteryear to an obscure reference to Jack Kerouac’s time in Selma. Record-setting heat waves to record-setting crime-waves.
Not convinced we know Fresno better than your cousins who make fun of you for living here? Blow this mutha out to fun-size!

The DDC has been creating some of the best eye-candy designophiles ever see, including his plethora of bitchin’ state posters. In Clearly Fresno, I pay homage to him and the Central Valley’s hottest county.

There’s no better way to escape the smog than to stand on the shoulders of giants like Aaron Draplin. So before offering it up to you at Family Bargain Center prices, we got the DDC blessing to move these posters out of the warehouse faster than the rap career of Clovis West’s Kevin Federline.

Just like your steering wheel after a couple hours at River Park in the summer, these posters were too hot to handle and I finally sold out of the run of 200 I made in 2014

See it printed and framed.