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Twin Cities, MN

Let’s be honest, not all clients are easy, especially when creativity is concerned. Then all of a sudden, you have a group like the people at Parrot.MD. I stumbled into a great scenario with a band of disrupters in the medical staffing world – a world I knew nothing about. I’ve done work in the tech sector and have seen logos and branding take months and years to get right – or even to get wrong! So working with their Director of Marketing and COO was a dream.

The star of the show for the last several years was a bird that is historically caught between kinda regal and interesting, but also kind of cartoony and maybe even obnoxious (think Jafar’s sidekick). So how to make this bird the proud mascot of a tech company that is worthy of following into the future of medical staffing? Clean lines, bold colors, and crop those elements in a way that focuses on those sharper features, tilting the parrot slightly showing that they’re moving forward.

It’s only ever happened once in my career where I got to my favorite iteration relatively soon, and the client liked it as much as I did.