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Trying To Squeeze In All
The Classics Since 1967


Having a movie theater to design is a fun challenge. There’s a lot of history in cinema that you can capitalize on. One of the benefits to the lobby area is a big half wall above the concessions that is a perfect canvas for something worth looking at. Luckily, with movies (especially the good ones) there are endless high quality screen grabs online that you can find.

Here are just a few of the close-ups of the entire banner. It ended up being about 3 and a half feet tall and over 32 feet wide. The trick was trying to hang something that big, so the printer (out in CA) printed it in chunks so each one would be easier to manage.

We had heard that you should spray the wall down with a thin layer of water so that that adhesive doesn’t stick right away to the wall and you can slide it around a bit. Then you squeegee out the water and let it dry in place.
I included all the Bonds and all the Jokers, but other than that the only criteria was to choose movies going all the way back to 1967, when the Plaza opened.

I tried to get a fair mix of funny movies, drama, blockbusters, cult films, kids movies and the classics. If you look close on the bottom right, you can see I wasn’t scurred to put Baby in the corner.

You can see some holes in the design, that was done intentionally to make room for the air vents.